What does neutral mean??

When we say are products our NEUTRAL, we mean they respect and don’t alter skin’s natural balance, and they cleanse the skin with gentleness.
Mantovani products DO NOT CONTAIN PARABENS and are NICKEL TESTED for a Nickel content of less than 0.00001%.

What does dermoprotective mean?

When we say our products are DERMOPROTECTIVE we mean that they have been specially designed to safeguard skin from the excessive aggression of detergents, with an accurate formulation of ingredients.

What does hypoallergenic mean?

When we say products are HYPOALLERGENIC we mean that the formulas have been specifically designed and clinically tested in vitro and in life to minimise allergy risk.

A bit of history...

MANTOVANI gained national notoriety in the 70s, as a brand of personal hygiene products that was the first to offer the Italian market a NEUTRAL SOAP, soap with reduced alkalinity for a slight pH difference with skin, which is slightly acidic. Even today,  Mantovani’s heritage is the advertising claim: ‘The first Neutral is never forgotten’.

The brand pursued good results in the golden years of toiletries, the 80s, which saw the start of the evolution of liquid products for personal hygiene, now dominant. The brand image took advantage of the concept of gentleness in the proposed neutral products, Mantovani was characterised as an reliable brand, attentive to skin’s wellbeing.

Sodalis Group added Mantovani to its portfolio in 2007 and relaunched it in the following year, with a expansion of variants alongside the “Classic”.

The current Mantovani range is composed of Bar Soap, Liquid Soap, Bath Foam, Shower Foam, Bath starch, Intimate hygiene, Deodorants, Shampoo.

In the Spring of 2015 a global relaunched of MANTOVANI was executed, in the packaging which we substantially offer today. All the principal products were reformulated, tested in vitro and then clinically, under the control of the University of Pavia’s Department of Internal Medicine and Medical Therapy, which certifies the formula as HYPOALLERGENIC and DERMOPROTECTIVE.

Moreover, the Mantovani products are PARABEN FREE and NICKEL TESTED. It was a remarkable act of reworking that allowed us to be amongst the few mass market toiletry lines that offer almost entirely “Hypoallergenic” products. Our target is familiar, in that Mantovani products, due to their neutrality, gentleness, and fragrances, are suitable for the whole family, children included.